Couple's Communication Guides and Exercises

The Couple's Communication guides and exercises were formulated within the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program specifically for couples to use as references for effective communication. The various guides and exercises are to be used for conflict resolution and everyday communication effectiveness.

Various communication guides are available for purchase online below. To purchase guides along with administrations of the Couple's Communicative Evaluation Scale (CCES), various packages are available under the Couple's Communicative Evaluation Scale homepage.














Intimate Communication Model

The transactional model of intimate communication that is the foundation of the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program. Includes descriptions of the types & levels of communication utilized. Excellent model to be used as an aid in addressing various areas of communication.

Initimate Communication Model (PDF-Digital Download) $15.00


Intimate Communication Structured Dialogue Guide

A step-by-step approach to resolving conflicts. Includes basic rules in an argument and the 5 phases of conflict resolution. Excellent for practicing conflict resolutions skills.

Intimate Communication Structured Dialogue Guide (PDF-Digital Download) $15.00

Rules of Engagement Guide

Basic guidelines used to assist couples in communicating effectively on a daily basis. Excellent for use in setting standards and boundaries when communicating with each other.

Rules of Engagement Guide (PDF-Digital Download) $15.00
Exercise Workbooks

CCEP Couple's Communication Exercises

A comprehensive workbook of exercises designed to assist intimate couples to learn about one another. Excellent for couples who want to practice communication effectively.
CCEP Couples Communication Exercize Workbook (PDF-Digital Download) $45.00

Positive Trait Development Workbook

A workbook of positive traits individuals may follow to enhance their character development and to improve their relationship.
Each trait includes a purpose, goal and possible ideas to incorporate use of the trait.
Positive Trait Development Workbook (PDF-Digital Download) $35.00