Welcome to the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program

A multidimensional approach to assisting couples, the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program offers couples various educational resources such as workshops and assessment tools in order to gain an understanding of communication, the key to a successful relationship.

Specializing in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Craig West, founder and director of the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program, hosts various workshops throughout California and lectures other professionals regarding the constructs and applications of couple's counseling.

The Couple's Communication Enrichment Program offers many options for couples in all stages of their relationships. Our program is a comprehensive series, focusing on the communication patterns within intimate relationships. Depending on the level of guidance and information desired, the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program offers a fun, light hearted communication dinner date, a couple's communication workshop, couple's therapy and a detailed communication test, all of which provide effective opportunities to maintain or develop positive and lasting intimate communication skills.

The Couple's Communication Enrichment Program includes practical, real-life examples and applications for use in your relationship including information on everyday communication skills with each other and how to communicative to resolve issues both big and small. The assessment tool used within the program, the Couple's Communicative Evaluation Scale, is a comprehensive test that determines each parties' strengths and weaknesses in the area of intimate communication with their partner. Also included in the program are communication guides and exercises that can be utilized independently or as an addition to the other components of the program including workshops and therapy.

As seen on Sacramento & Company, the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program has enhanced relationships by improving the communication skills among couples and by offering beneficial communication options. Click on the link to watch Sacramento & Company interview Dr. Craig West about the CCEP.